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Carbon Offset Credits

Carbon Offset Credits

A carbon offset is a credit that represents the reduction of one metric ton of carbon dioxide emissions, the primary cause of global warming. Carbon offsets are reasonably simple. If you develop a project that reduces carbon dioxide emissions,

Every ton of emissions that is reduced = One carbon offset credit.

Carbon reduction, or carbon sequestration, in the case of Hawaiian Mahogany’s forestry project, results in ‘carbon offset credits’ which are sold to finance greater carbon reduction processes in the future.

Carbon offset purchases are not a substitute for environmental responsibility. They are one good way for companies and individuals to help stop global warming, and they do make a difference.

Give yourself carbon credit for going green.

Carbon credits are a growing venue for businesses that want to help stop global warming. The principle behind carbon credits is this: companies that generate carbon can contribute to industries that sequester, or remove, carbon from the atmosphere by purchasing carbon credits to offset their own green house gas production.

A company’s level of carbon contribution from activities like energy use is called a "carbon footprint” and refers to carbon dioxide, the principal greenhouse gas. A company can balance its carbon footprint by buying carbon credits from Hawaiian Mahogany. By purchasing these carbon credits, you are supporting a large, sustainable, verifiable forestation project and thus investing in a global warming solution. With your investment in Hawaiian Mahogany’s carbon credits, your company can balance its carbon footprint. Carbon credits enable a company to take verifiable responsibility for the environmental impact of its operations. And that is worth marketing to your customers.


Guests will give you credit for your improved ecological footprint.

Buying carbon offset credits gives tangible proof that you are serious about tidying up your ecological footprint. It is a business opportunity — especially for the hotel industry. Partner with Hawaiian Mahogany and demonstrate to guests your commitment to balance your company’s carbon footprint via a relationship with an attractive, effective, domestic sustainable energy project.

We offer hotels a tangible, provable investment in global warming solutions that will pay off in higher occupancies and guest loyalty. Studies show that 50% of American travelers are likely to book if a property is green. And that is only one of the reasons to partner with us. Other reasons include:

  • Employee recruitment and retention: Companies with a commitment to a clean ecological footprint have a better chance of attracting smart, idealistic, young staff.
  • Tax credits: These are often available when American companies reduce their carbon footprint by purchasing offset credits from other American companies like Hawaiian Mahogany.
  • New business opportunities: Addressing climate change provides new opportunities—new markets, new technologies, new business. And new reasons for people to stay at your properties for business or leisure
  • A strong future: Get a head start on your competition with the returns from clean energy investments. When carbon controls are tightened, the most successful companies will be those with strategies already in place.
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