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About Hawaiian Mahogany, Inc.

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Hawaiian Mahogany Inc. was founded in 1996 and is based in Kauai, Hawaii. The company is a pioneer in developing an integrated fully-sustainable forestry operation that helps stop global warming by sequestering approximately 130,000 tons of carbon per year. We are committed to bringing to market global warming solutions.

The company developed planting strategies with complementary tree species that require virtually zero inputs of fertilizers, pesticides or external energy. As of June 2008, Hawaiian Mahogany has captured and sequestered approximately 500,000 tons of carbon dioxide in woody biomass and mineral soil on former sugarcane plantation land.

Hawaiian Mahogany bases its planting strategy on a careful combination of high-value lumber trees with high-production nitrogen fixing species that create a self-fertilizing system, which could help stop global warming. With electricity from on-site hydroelectric generation, along with on-site bio fuel sources and proposed wind turbine installations, the company’s operations are a model for sustainable agricultural farming.

Hawaiian Mahogany Inc., a leader in the Hawaii Carbon Market, is recognized for:

Verifiable carbon sequestration helps stop global warming.
Hawaiian Mahogany currently manages 1,800 acres of newly forested land with over one million albizia (Paraserianthes falcataria), and eucalyptus trees (E. deglupta) ranging from three to 10 years old and exceeding 30 feet in height. In addition to capturing carbon in woody biomass and insoluble soil carbon, the company harvests the green tops for nitrogen-rich fertilizer. At suitable maturity, a percentage of trees will be harvested on a carefully planned deferred-harvest schedule. This will result in maximum carbon removal and lumber yield to meet local demands for wood products.


Conforming to the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS) protocols standards for permanence and additionality, Hawaiian Mahogany’s emphasis is on development of forestry practices that maximize long term carbon storage and removal to help stop global warming. Harvest of the trees is planned on a much longer rotational schedule than usual. This results in increased soil carbon accrual, larger trees and increased percentage yields of long-lived lumber products.

Facts about Hawaiian Mahogany Inc.

Hawaiian Mahogany Inc. is a privately held corporation founded in 1996 with headquarters in Lawai on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. The company leads the movement in sustainable energy and carbon sequestering forestry practices.

Verified carbon sequestration channel offers highest value currently possible.
Hawaiian Mahogany manages over 1,800 acres of reclaimed sugar plantations on Kauai, Hawaii where its commitment to renewable energy sources is seen in the over one million tropical hardwood trees that it propagates and maintains. The trees sequester 130,000 tons of carbon above ground annually. An additional 300,000 tons of carbon are sequestered in the soil. The company’s processes and carbon sequestering metrics are in certification process with Winrock International.

Because the company’s carbon credits are also certified through the Voluntary Carbon Standard program, its offset credits offer the highest value currently possible. A domestic company, Hawaiian Mahogany’s project are a strong option for renewable energy sources within the American market.

Fully sustainable energy and forestry growth 12 months a year.
What many carbon sequestration forestry projects aspire to in the future, Hawaiian Mahogany accomplishes now via naturally generated nitrogen-producing agriculture practices that meet or exceed recognized sustainable energy and forestry management guideline. No chemical soil supplements are used. High nitrogen albizia leaf fall fulfills soil nutrition requirements. Since Hawaii is subtropical, the trees propagated by Hawaiian Mahogany continue growth and carbon sequestration 12 months a year without seasonal fluctuation.

Management Team

Bill Cowern, President
Bio fuel thought leader, Bill Cowern, founded Hawaiian Mahogany, Inc. in 1996 after completing a successful career in the high technology industry. He was honored as an “American Wilderness Heritage Guardian” by the United Eco-Action Fund (UNECO) and maintains active membership in the Hawaii Forest Stewardship Program, sponsored by the Department of Land and Natural Resources, Division of Forestry and Wildlife (DLNR-DOFAW). Areas of expertise include bio fuels, alternative energy sources, sustainable lumber, organic fertilizers and cattle feed.

Hawaiian Mahogany began preliminary planting trials of biofuels and sustainable lumber in 1997 after Mr. Cowern secured use of 3,750 acres of retired, unused sugar cane land. After identifying the most successful tree species that benefit from one another’s biomass byproducts to increase their productivity, Bill began large-scale trials in 2000.

Bill Stepchew, Operations Manager, Board Member
Bio fuel and carbon sequestration pioneer, Bill Stepchew, joined the company in early 2007 and brings to its operation a diverse background of management, construction and energy alternatives system design and sales.

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